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Qreatix Theme v2.0

A Perfect Place for Your Portfolio



Carefully Crafted Pre-Made Homepages

use the switch to dynamically change some global demo page settings

1.8 Gallery Slider
Gallery Slider
Revolution Slider
1.6 Rotated Links
Rotated Links


Dark Mode

1.5 Reveal Columns
Reveal Columns


Dark Mode

1.4 Visual Gallery
Visual Gallery


Dark Mode

Showcase Slider
Showcase Slider


Dark Mode

Titles Slider
Titles Slider


Dark Mode

Letters Showcase
Letters Showcase


Dark Mode

Circular Gallery
Circular Gallery


Dark Mode

Minimal List
Minimal List


Dark Mode

WebGL Slider
WebGL Slider


Dark Mode

Distortion Links
Distortion Links


Dark Mode

Tiles Grid
Tiles Grid


Dark Mode

Organic Slider
Organic Slider


Dark Mode

Draggable Slider
Draggable Slider


Dark Mode

Blog Two Side
Blog Two Side


Dark Mode

Events Slider
Events Slider


Dark Mode

Products Slider
Products Slider


Dark Mode

Images Gallery
Images Gallery


Dark Mode

Pattern 1 Pattern 2 Pattern 3
WebGL Animations
Advance Layouts
High Adjustable
Sticky Header
Live Search
Multilingual & RTL
AJAX Features
One-Click Install
Flexible Options
Cookie Notice
Color Scheme
Google Fonts
Adobe Fonts
GDPR Compliance
Advanced Filters
Detailed Docs
Excellent Support
Lifetime Updates

and much more...

Qreatix is a creative WordPress theme that gives you full control and unlimited possibilities.

  • Quality checked by Envato
  • 6 months support included
  • Install in minutes
  • Easy to customize
  • New update every week
  • Only for $39

Present your work in the best possible way

Display your projects in unique portfolio styles and see what works best for you. We've prepared more than 10 hover styles, many grid settings and also cool ajax features.

Portfolio Setting 1
Portfolio Setting 2
Portfolio Setting 3
Portfolio Layout Mobile 1
Portfolio Layout 1
Customizable Hovers

Customize the coolest hover effects for your portfolio items in just a few clicks.

Ajax & Default Pagination

Besides the classic pagination, you can load more portfolio items without reloading the portfolio page.

Masonry & Tiles Grid

Qreatix Theme supports several types of portfolio grid layouts, including masonry, tiles, metro, etc.

Video & Parallax Items

Create unique portfolio layouts by adding a video or parallax items.

Pattern 1 Pattern 2 Pattern 3

Award-winning collection

Choose from pre-made single project layouts or create your own one using Elementor Page Builder.

Portfolio Single 1
Default Image
Portfolio Single 2
Default Gallery
Portfolio Single 3
Default Gif
Portfolio Single 4
Default Video
Portfolio Single 5
Full Width Image
Portfolio Single 6
Full Width Gallery
Portfolio Single 7
Full Width Gif
Portfolio Single 8
Full Width Video
Portfolio Single 9
Side Image
Portfolio Single 10
Side Gallery
Portfolio Single 11
Side Gif
Side Video
Portfolio Single 13
Sticky Image
Portfolio Single 14
Sticky Gallery
Portfolio Single 15
Sticky Gif
Portfolio Single 16
Sticky Video
Shop Mac Mockup Pattern 1 Pattern 2

Sell Like a Pro with WooCommerce

Build your online store with WooCommerce — the most popular WordPress plugin that lets you create a digital shop for free!

  • PW Gift Cards

    The WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin makes it easy to sell gift cards to your store.

  • WOOF Filters

    WOOF allows your site customers filter products by different attributes.

  • TI Wishlist

    TI Wishlist is a simple but powerful tool that can help you add a wishlist to your store.

  • Variation Swatches

    Color, image and buttons variation swatches for product attributes.

  • Advanced Gallery

    Extended version of the single product gallery, with many variations and settings.

Pattern 1 Pattern 2

The #1 Events Calendar Plugin for WordPress

Create, showcase, and sell events online. The Events Calendar is a solid, feature-rich calendar and events management suite.

Events Month
Events Day
Pattern 1
Events Main

The most complete news & blog platform

Content-focused grid designs, unique social elements, post-sharing function, and much more!

Blog Grid
Grid Type
Blog Minimal Grid
Minimal Type
Blog Reveal
Reveal Type
Blog Class
Classic Type
Blog Single Default
Single Default
Blog Single Gif
Single Gif
Blog Single Gif
Single Audio
Blog Single Gallery
Single Gallery
Blog Single HTML
Single HTML Video
Blog Single Youtube
Single Youtube Video
Blog Single Vimeo
Single Vimeo Video

Elementor Page Builder

Enjoy intuitive interface and flexibility of one of the most user-friendly page builders for WordPress. Enhanced with a set of additional elements, it enables you to customize layouts with ease.

Floating Icon 1 Floating Icon 2 Floating Icon 3 Floating Icon 4 Floating Icon 5
Floating Figure 1 Floating Figure 2
Elementor Edit
  • No Coding Required
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • 10+ Custom Widgets
  • Header & Footer Builder
  • Templates Library
  • Free of Charge

Qreatix provide advanced Dark Mode. You can switch the color scheme of the theme with just 1 click!

Our theme provides full RTL support.

We not only changed the text-direction, as in most common themes, we completely regenerated all assets of the theme for RTL standards.

Premium and exclusive plugins. Save $100

Best features with the latest technologies to make a modern website.

  • Qreatix Core

    Exclusive Plugin


    Premium Plugin

  • Elementor

    Supported Plugin

  • Events Calendar

    Supported Plugin

  • WooCommerce

    Supported Plugin

  • Mailchimp

    Supported Plugin

  • Contact Form 7

    Supported Plugin

  • Kirki

    Supported Plugin

We use the most modern Wordpress optimization techniques to keep your site lightweight and fast.

  • Qreatix Theme
  • Other Themes

Our theme is absolutely modular, each element has its own set of assets and logic that are loaded only when this element is present on the screen, so even the most complexly created pages weigh no more than 100-300kb

  • LQIP (Low Quality Image Placeholders)

    Our theme has a powerful image pre-processor that generates low-quality versions of images using Gaussian Blur technology, and then turns them into full-size images.

  • CSS Optimization

    We have adapted our css for all modern browsers, and also strongly compressed it, coupled with modularity, CSS on each page takes only from 50 to 80kb.

  • Clean & Modular Code

    The theme code is beautifully structured, refactored and written in accordance with the latest guidelines.

  • WordPress Optimization

    We've added the ability to enable experimental WordPress optimization presets such as disabling emoji, query strings, XML-RPC, embed scripts etc.

  • AJAX Ready / Lazy-Load

    Many dynamic elements are loaded by direct interaction with them (load-more, shopping bag, search results), which allows to reduce the starting time of page loading.

  • WEBP Images

    Our theme is fully compatible with WEBP images and supports 2 of the most popular plugins that convert images to this format.